Save the Sandwich – Top 10 Reasons Subs Should Fuel Tailgates and Homegates in 2016

Football season is upon us which means it’s time to tailgate! The key to a perfect gathering is friends, family and food!   And this season, Blimpie franchise owners have noticed that more and more football fans are branching out from the wings, nachos, and hot dogs that simply weigh them down.   These fans have issued a rallying cry to “save the sandwich” this fall and Blimpie owners around the country are reaping the benefit with best-in-the-industry sandwich platters and catering/delivery services.

Here are the top ten reasons football fans are choosing to “save the sandwich” with Blimpie this fall:

1 – There’s something for everyone.

When it comes to tailgate grub, there’s no need to stick with the same old foods; it’s time to shake things up! Sandwiches are a great option because they are incredibly versatile and there’s something for everyone! Blimpie has a delicious selection of sandwiches perfect for fueling your pre-game party. Subs are also an easy way to cater to those who may have specific food preferences – Blimpie’s vegetarian subs are amazing!

2 – Sandwiches are customizable.

If you’re expecting quite a few guests at your tailgate, it may be easier to keep things simple. You can order basic subs then arrange a toppings tray. Each person can grab a basic ham or turkey sandwich and load it up just the way they like it.

3 – Subs are both healthy and appropriately filling.

There’s nothing worse than realizing you’re starving half way through the game; save yourself the trouble (and avoid those ridiculous stadium prices) and grab a sub during the tailgate. Sandwiches are loaded with meats and veggies that will keep you full and energized throughout the game.

4 – Leave one hand free for drinks.

No tailgate is complete without a tasty beverage. Unfortunately, most of the typical tailgate foods require two hands to eat; meaning if you want a beverage to accompany your meal, you’ll end up having to find a place to sit or you’ll resort to setting your drink down where ever you can find a free surface, which never seems to end well. At any given tailgate, it’s not unusual to see spilled drinks all over the place. Save yourself the trouble and go with a sub! Subs can easily be eaten using one hand leaving the other hand free to hold your drink.

5 – Take on those tailgate games.

What’s a tailgate without tailgate games? Games like corn hole are much easier to win when you’ve got the energy and, of course, a free hand. Chow down on a delicious Blimpie sub and toss your way to victory.

6 – Don’t get stuck sitting at a table.

Tailgates are for mingling! Get up and enjoy this special time with your fellow football-lovers. Traditional tailgate foods are notoriously messy and hard to eat, but not sub sandwiches! A sub is easy to grab and take with you as you chat with friends and family.

7 – There’s nothing worse than greasy, messy hands.

Avoid those saucy wings and opt for a tasty, easy-to-eat sub instead. Besides the occasional drop of mayo, you’ll easily keep your hands clean and ready for fun while snacking on a Blimpie sub. You wouldn’t want to go in for a friendly hug and leave sticky fingerprints behind!

8 – You’ll save money on plates, napkins, and even utensils.

Serving sandwiches as the main course of your tailgate will drastically cut down on the amount of paper goods you’ll need to buy. No messy wings or nachos means less napkins and more money for the fun stuff. Buy yourself a new jersey or spring for the better tickets to the next game – you’ll be glad you did!

9 – Save your time and energy.

No one wants to spend hours and hours of their free time slaving away in the kitchen when you could be relaxing. Let Blimpie do all the prep work so all you have to do is enjoy yourself.

10 – Who doesn’t love a sub?

Subs are family-friendly! Some of the best tailgates include football fans across several generations. Blimpie serves subs that appeal to people of all ages – from tasty kids’ meals to sophisticated paninis, there’s something for everyone. Not to mention, Blimpie offers tasty sides! Order up some chips, delicious cookies or even some side salads and watch your guests chow down.

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