Limited Time Only! Bigger. Better. BBQ. The Spicy Piggy, The Twisted Piggy, The BBQ Chick

Summertime barbecues are meant for relaxation by the pool with family and friends. Countless Americans miss out on the fun because they are stuck minding the grill. Luckily, Blimpie has the perfect solution for your summertime party woes; Blimpie’s new Bigger, Better BBQ sandwiches offer customers delicious, bold barbecue flavor without the hassle of having to grill it themselves.

Missing Out On Family Time

When warm weather rolls around, the first thing that comes to mind is a summertime cookout. Kids splashing in the pool, parents relaxing with a book or refreshing drink in hand – and of course, the “grill-master” – the guy or gal who is pressured to spend the day chained to the grill. Of course, any open flame is dangerous so grills must be constantly monitored; meaning the grill master doesn’t get a chance to relax and take part in the family fun. Small children have to be kept away from the grill and often the heat and smoke will drive guests away from the grill and toward the pool or picnic area, effectively leaving the grill-master to party alone…and that’s no fun!

If missing out on family time isn’t enough of a reason to avoid the hassle of barbecuing the old-fashion way, consider these:

  • Safety – No lit grill means no fire to worry about! Small children may not understand the dangers associated with a lit grill; not to mention accidents happen. It takes just a moment for a grill to tip over and light the house or yard on fire. Skip the worry and keep your family safer by opting for a Blimpie BBQ delivery!
  • Cost Effective – In order to barbecue at home, you need a grill (and even small ones can be quite costly), as well as charcoal or wood chips and lighter fluid, grill tools, grill cleaner and more. All those little items can add up to a very expensive summer cookout and we haven’t even taken the food itself into consideration. Blimpie’s prices are always reasonable.
  • Convenience – Don’t worry about forgetting an ingredient or the hassle of setting up the food – just pick up a few great-tasting subs and you’ll be on your way!
  • Food Quality Assurance –Get ready for the tastiest barbecue of the summer; Blimpie’s new Bigger, Better BBQ sandwiches are prepared to perfection every time. You can rest easy knowing your guests will enjoy the food at your summer party.
  • No Pressure – Don’t spend your party fretting about the food or the food preparation. Let Blimpie® take care of making the food while you focus on enjoying your party.
  • Easy Cleanup – By grabbing some barbecue sandwiches from your local Blimpie, cleanup is a breeze; there is no need to spend hours scraping and cleaning that crusty grill.

So, let’s give the grill-masters a break this summer with Blimpie’s new and delicious Bigger, Better BBQ subs - The Spicy Piggy, The Twisted Piggy and the BBQ Chick. 

The Spicy Piggy has bacon ranch slaw, cheddar cheese, Sriracha glaze and pulled pork served on a delicious white sub roll.

The Twisted Piggy features cheddar cheese, Sweet Baby Ray’s® sauce and pulled pork on a pretzel roll.

The BBQ Chick is served on ciabatta bread and has crispy onions, bacon ranch slaw, Sweet Baby Ray’s sauce and, of course, chicken.

Blimpie’s Bigger, Better BBQ subs are now available in locations across the country - pick up lunch for your cookout today!



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