Owning and operating your own business is a great way to enjoy more independence, allowing you to chart your own course. But where do you start? What experience do you need to successfully launch a new venture, and what if you don’t possess the level of experience you may need to operate independently? Franchising helps answer those questions and can also make available to you proven business systems, resources and experience that can help you realize the dream of being a business owner. Franchising may provide the independence you may seek.

With so many franchise opportunities on the market, you might be wondering why you should go with a sandwich franchise and more specifically why should you consider franchising with Blimpie. There are many reasons to partner with Blimpie, and we’ve concentrated the key points of our franchise offering into this website. Take some time to explore and learn why Blimpie is the sub shop franchise opportunity you’ve been waiting for.


There’s never been a better time to invest in a Blimpie restaurant. Sandwich franchises like ours have never been more popular, and customers are excited about the products we have to offer. Best of all, we now offer three unique concepts, making it simple to integrate a Blimpie franchise into just about any community. Whether you’re looking to open a full-sized traditional restaurant or a streamlined Blimpie Express location, there’s likely a concept available that will suit your needs.

Furthermore, Blimpie has undergone a few important changes in recent years. We’ve updated our image with a sleek new look in our restaurants, attracting old customers to our stores and catching the attention of new patrons. Furthermore, we’ve upgraded our technology, making it easier than ever for franchisees to keep track of inventory, manage their sales, open and close for the day, and much more.


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You’d be hard-pressed to find a submarine sandwich franchise that goes back as far as Blimpie. We got our start in 1964 when three teenage friends from Hoboken, New Jersey decided to pool their resources and open a sandwich franchise. They pioneered an entirely new concept: handcrafted sub sandwiches, with generous portions of high quality deli meats and cheeses, sliced fresh to order and while customers watched and customized their meal. They also sought to create a sub sandwich that was larger and more satisfying than anything the competition had to offer. They settled on the name “Blimpie” because they agreed that their large sandwiches more closely resembled blimps than submarines!

Their dedication to going above and beyond customer expectations is infused into our brand DNA, and has led us to become one of the most recognizable sandwich shop franchises in the U.S. For today’s franchisees, our years of hard work building our reputation are a major asset when potential customers recognize the Blimpie name.


After more than 60 years in business, we’ve fine-tuned our business model into a highly-effective system that’s relatively simple for new franchisees to master. We provide our franchisees with comprehensive training and support resources so that they can learn how to operate one of our restaurants – even if they have little business or food industry experience.

There are many other franchised sub shop concepts available; so what makes Blimpie the right choice for investors interested in a franchisee? By far and away it is our support teams. We enjoy supporting our franchisees. When you partner with Blimpie, your partnering with world class support teams that are experts in every facet of your business. So you are never alone; support and guidance is as close as a phone call. We provide our franchise the level of independence they may seek from a business but provide it within a well-tuned system structure. If you’re looking for the best of both words (support and guidance along with entrepreneurial spirit, Blimpie might have just the opportunity for you.

Business Established
Franchise Unit
Liquid Capital Needed
$242,270 - $564,200
Total Investment for a Blimpie Franchise
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