• QSR customers are seeking fresh ingredients, great menu choices and convenience. When Blimpie customers were surveyed on the deciding factors for choosing a QSR, three of the top five were related to the food quality, with “delicious food” ranking as the #1 deciding factor.**
  • Fast Casual and QSR style restaurants are thriving. Traffic has increased each year for the past decade and now represent 80% of the restaurant industry’s service.*
  • The sandwich category represents the third largest category with regard to the share of the restaurant industry (9.7% of all restaurants) and is listed as one of the top 10 high growth categories within the industry.*
  • QSR and full service restaurant concepts, including sandwich shops, have been a key catalyst in franchising’s continued growth - helping franchising outpace the economy as a whole each year since 2010. QSR’s, like Blimpie, have been a particularly critical part of this franchising growth - representing 20% of the open establishments, creating 38% of the jobs, and generating 26% of the economic output within the space.***
  • Research shows American customers are seeking a modernized experience when they patronize QSR’s - they want new flavors and an enhanced ambiance. Blimpie has used recent customer research to overhaul the in-store design and consistently introduce bold new Limited Time Only flavors to help franchisees capitalize on important customer trends.
  • Key menu groups fueling the success of sandwich shops were featured among the top 10 most important within the restaurant industry. Beverages were ranked #1, sides ranked #2, sandwiches ranked #4 and desserts/snacks ranked #7.*
  • 94% of Blimpie fans surveyed said they are likely to refer Blimpie to a friend and 97% said they are likely to return to Blimpie.**
  • Small families/parties with kids are among the most powerful and growing audiences within the restaurant industry, representing a $117 billion dollar market...and they represent the biggest percentage of loyal Blimpie customers.*
    • More than 50% of customers are 18-44 years old.**
    • More than 50% of customers work white collar jobs.**
    • 75% have a household size of 2-4 people.**
  • *CREST Quarterly Topline Report (September 2015)
  • **2013 Culinary Edge Report
  • ***Franchise Business Economic Outlook 2016

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